Paid-to-Click Guide

1- What is a Paid-to-Click (PTC)?

A paid-to-click is a website that pays its members to visit websites. Advertisers buy advertisements on those sites, which distribute the money between the users when they visit ads. Usually, members are paid between $0.0001 to $0.02 per visited page. There are some exceptions, especially for the PTC-RevShares sites like PaidVerts (see What is a RevShare?)

2- What do Referral and Sponsor Mean?

Paid-to-click sites are all built in with a referring System. This allows members to refer other users which become their direct referrals. The referrer become their sponsor. Then, sponsors earn commissions on their referrals earnings or purchases.

3- What is a Bux Site?

A bux site is a website that allows its members to rent referrals. Some people don't like to refer, that's why there are so many bux sites in the industry. The bux sites allow members to rent unreferred users as their referrals, for a monthly fee. Sometimes, sponsors earn big profits with them, but sometimes they earn less than their renting fees, which resumes in a loss. That's why every member needs to manage their rented referrals to maximize their profits. Go to Manage Your Rented Referrals for more informations.

Bux sites work with membership upgrades. Indeed, they usually sell different upgrades at different costs with different features. The upgrades can start cheap, but the higher ones are sometimes very expensive.

4- What is a Revenue Sharing Site (RevShare)?

A Revshare is a website that shares most of its revenues between the members. There are many different revshare compensation plans. The two most known are PTC-Revshare (like PaidVerts) and Traffic Exchange-Revshare (like TrafficMonsoon) systems.

5- Are There Risks of Joining these Types of Websites?

There are thousands of websites in the industry of PTCs and RevShares. Many of them eventually close down due to profit losses or they simply scam. A scam is when a website closes down before paying the remaining money in members balance or before delivering the services the members paid for.

So, yes there are risks of joining those kind of websites which are to lose money on a website that scams. That is why I made a list of recommended websites. I know all admins of the sites I recommend and those are simply the best in the market. There are very few chances that any of them closes down, and even less chances to see them scam since I make sure the sites I join are from legit admins.

6- How to Maximize my Profits?


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